TCCBDA All-State Jazz Ensemble Audition Etudes
FOR 2017-2018

Audition material for the TCCBDA All-State Jazz Ensemble will be selected from the TMEA-TJEA All-State Jazz Ensemble Audition Etudes and the All-State Jazz Ensemble Audition Compact Disc. You can purchase these from Pender’s Music, RBC Music or Sam Ash Music.

Sam Ash Music - 210-530-9777

Penders Music - 800-772-5918
RBC Music - 800-548-0917

Rehearsal MIDIs (play along files) are located at  

IMPORTANT! Please Read

  • The etudes should be in the following order on the recordings, and must be submitted in this order as separate tracks.
    • Etude 1: Swing
    • Etude 2: Ballad
    • Etude 3: Latin/Funk
    • Improvisation (Use the Region Etude, and record With Accompaniment Track)
  • All etudes must be recorded in their entirety.
  • Etudes for all wind instruments, piano, guitar, and bass guitar must be recorded without accompaniment – do not use the MIDI practice files.
  • Drummers must submit their recordings in the following order:
    ​   Track 1- Etude 1: Swing (with playalong track)
       Track 2- Etude 2: Latin (with playalong track)
       Track 3- Etude 3: Funk (with playalong track)
       Tracks 4 through 7- Drum styles (unaccompanied)

  • All students are expected to improvise. If students are not comfortable improvising they should find a tune that fits the changes and play that over the changes.
Contact Cristina Mendoza (Jazz Ensemble Organizer) with questions